The podcast client for KDE
19 Feb 2011 - The Kitty Guide closes due to spam. If you've a valid solution, let me know.
30 Apr 2006 - A patch from Eitan "Skurd" Levi fixes bittorrent's downloads! GR8! Thank you! (get it here - apply it manually). I'm quite busy in these days... sooner "we" will provide a full compilable tarball. ;)
14 Nov 2005 - Reciving more feature request and an E-Mail from Holmes Wilson. YAY!
13 Nov 2005 - Kitty 0.9.2 tested and released. This one includes thanks for all!
22 Oct 2005 - Kitty 0.9 try 2 released. Tarball working and the first new bug reports is coming. Thanks!
22 Oct 2005 - Kitty 0.9 released. But tarball was buggy. Next tarball will be released minutes.
01 Oct 2005 - Kitty 0.1 released. Thanks Grentis for testing and debugging!

What is Kitty?
Kitty is a simple podcast client for the KDE 3.4 desktop that allows Linux (and other KDE-running OS) users to tune in, watch, download and bookmark TV programs from these so-called videocasts that are becoming more famous, thanks to the DTV, Yahoo! Podcast and other services.

How it works?
Podcasts are quite simply structured: an XML file that works like an RSS feed with some media "enclosed" into. Media are distributed with the usual and plain HTTP way or the less expansive Bittorrent way. Kitty is a program that shows you these RSS feeds (quite like Akregator) and embeds your system media player to watch these enclosed videos. With something more but no fat added, in the style of KDE.

What is DTV & Y!P? What is the "Kitty TV Guide"?
DTV is a Mac program that does the same things Kitty does: watching videocasts. It owns a really nice and complete TV guide where you can find everything you need for your watching pleasure. Yahoo! Podcast is the same, but there is an huge amount of stations that can be also "audio-only". Kitty can browse these and others TV/Audio guides so you can easily add channels to your "subscribed list".
The "Kitty TV Guide" is like the DTV guide but does many things... less. However Kitty guide requires no subscription, it is "self-administrated" and automatically updated by any Kitty client. Kitty has also a nice experimental thing called "Nekotongue" which help you on searching for something interesting to watch into Kitty guide, doing a "weighted search" on its database. It should work... try it!

Features list, please.

  • Add, remove and browse your favourite videocasts quite easily.
  • Browse DTV, Yahoo! Podcast or Kitty guide
  • Add new podcast guides into bookmarks
  • Bookmark and download your favourite videos
  • It uses system media player: choose from KMPlayer, Kaffeine and more!
  • Comment your bookmarked videos
  • Two user interfaces to choose: HTML or KDE interface
  • HTML interface is fully skinnable. Make your own skin! (and send to KesieV because the default interface sucks a lot!)
  • Publish your favourite videos (or manually added videos!) via FTP on a Web-served server (Kitty Guide will be automatically updated!)
  • Look for something to watch with the Nekotongue search tool
  • A bit noob? A nice wizard will introduce you to Kitty!
  • Handy traybar icon
  • Passive popup alerts you when a media is downloaded
  • Cool graphics made with Gimp! (sorry Krita... too crashy...)
  • GPLed Opensource

  • Screenshot
    Yessir! ;)

    Download & install
    Download the latest version of Kitty here...

    kitty-0.9-try2.tar.bz2 @

    To install, simply untar the tarball (tar -xvvjf kitty-0.9-try2.tar.bz2) and run the usual ./configure && make && make install as root on the unpacked directory. That's all.
    Remember that Kitty is built on the KDE 3.4 libraries and uses an embeddable media player like KMPlayer or Kaffeine for media playback. By the way Kitty supports opening media files using external applications.

    Note: Since the 30 apr 2006 is avaible here for fix the bittorrent downloads. Thanks Skurd!

    I'd like to say...
    Comments? Proposals? Bugs? I'm a quite busy man but you can send your feedback to or (yes, Hotmail. Sorry.)

    Eitan "Skurd" Levi, for posting patches & bugfixes.
    Bianca, my girlfriend. She suggested to me some good stuff for this program. And is my eternal power-supplier.
    Grentis, a great chat-friend whose built a Gentoo box just for testing Kitty. Thank you so much!
    VanZant, another good chat-pal. Keep it up, Van... I'm just a script kiTTie... LOL!
    Fabio, which is hosting all my crazyness. Thank you thank you thank you!
    dolio, first comment @ KDE-Apps. Feedback doesn't give you food but tons of motivation and happines.
    The KDE team. I'm a KDE exalted user. Thank you for your great job. (and KIOs are too much kool!)
    All the Linux developers. Slackware user here. Thank you for your hard work.

    And you!!

    (Yes. I'm another nostalgic retrogamer...)
    Kitty - by KesieV - 2005 - GFX done with GIMP