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StripThis! is a Javascript/HTML/CSS3 engine that can create a simple comic from a set of structured sentences that, starting from a database of words, are natural as much as possible.

If it doesn't mean a thing to you, you're the right player for the SandBox!. SandBox! is a public sandbox for creating your own comics in a quite strange way: starting from a presetted cast, you can make a simple comic just writing his script in the right way. Probably the nearest thing that looks like you have to do is some sort of a structured short story.

Okay, I've generated enough confusion so I give you some homeworks to do:

That's all. When you're done just repeat the whole queue over and over again. :) Bye!

Who are the characters?

Let me explain. Jim is the king of a far land and Bert was his best warrior. Or... wait. Peter was a spanish matador and Danny was his best friend. Or... Duke was the mad scientist Jefferson was his assistant? Anyway... The built in characters are totally random people inspired by who I meet everyday. Give them the role you prefer. :)