Generals Of Stampadia is an open-source print-and-play single-player Expandable Card Game.
Learn how to play it!

The Game Manual

Read the game manual (English) to learn everything you need to defend Stampadia!

Do you feel brave? Have a look at the Variants Lab manual to learn some experimental game modes!



Q: Where are the game cards?
A: You can print them from the Print Shop! You can select full and expansion sets and download the PDF to print and play!
Q: There are so many options! Which sets do I need to play?
A: If you want to give the game a try, just print the Generals Of Stampadia Lite Core Set: it is a small set of cards that includes what you need to play the basics. If you want more, go for the Generals Of Stampadia Full Core Set, which offers way more cards and mechanics.
Q: And then?
A: If you want to spice up your game, you can print expansion sets and add them to any of your core sets. If you can't find the expansion you want, why not try making your own set?
Q: I've made a super cool custom card set and I want to share it. How?
A: That's fantastic! Let's talk about that on the project Discord server here!
Q: I think that the game may be played in another cool way. Do you want to hear how?
A: For sure! I'm collecting some experimental game variants into the Variants Labs manual so feel free to share your custom rules on the Discord server here! Oh, the Variant Lab manual is mostly English-only.
Q: I've played a Variant Lab mode quite often and I think that it should be an official mode!
A: So maybe it's time to move it to the Manual Variants! Let's talk about that on the Discord server here!


Q: How you're monetizing this game?
A: Generals Of Stampadia is one of my hobby projects and, as for the others, I'm working on it in my spare time and it is released as open-source. I'm used to paying for hosting my stuff without getting anything back. So, yeah. I'm OK. If you find something I do that you like it's more than enough for me.
Q: I'd like a print-and-play roguelike!
A: You can play Chronicles of Stampadia, Generals Of Stampadia's sequel! Every day there is a new adventure to print and play with a pencil, an eraser, two dice, and a small token. You can find that here. Oh, It's English only... I hope that's not a problem for you.
Q: Okay, but I'd like to play it with cards, like this game!
A: Try Travelers of Stampadia, Generals Of Stampadia's prequel! Every day there is a new hero and a new adventure to print and play! You can find that here. It's both in English and Italian!
Q: I have more questions!
A: Don't worry! There's a Discord server here - we talk about everything Stampadia there and you may ask questions about the rules in the #gos-help-rules channel.