Software is Life

If a computer crashes or a bug steals hours of hard working, we often shut down the PC screaming "damn machine!". But there is life behind software: who made it, who designed it, who wrote it and the software that was used to make it. And behind these tools there is more life: more programmers, tecnichans, engineers that are life themself. With a wife, with childs, with friends, with more life. I'm a programmer, with his life, that brings to life software, which has its own life. Which will help my friends, your customers and who will use it. Will bring smiles to someone... and little scars to someone other. However, I think that having a child needs responsability and hard work. And having living software too. Bring life to everyone with software! We are already playing Life on your right. Help us with your mouse.
Cottone Francesco - ©2008 - - Mail me

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