Welcome mortal. This is the experimental material of Akihabara. Get ready for browser crashes and more fun.

Credits for music artists are on staff rolls of each games and here.
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HTML5 is my Arcade. Opening soon.

For some mystical reason you've reached this page. This means that you're ready for some more demos of Akihabara but remember: these demos are in beta so there could be some issues like browser crashing, not so nice performances and... a lot of fun!

README: Akiba Hero

The only game that was here, Akiba Hero - a stripped down of a well known music game, on the 8 June 2010 leaved the Dark Side with the release of Safari 5, since seems that many of the bugs that kept him here were solved and making the game playable on most of the desktop browsers. For now only Firefox has some issues on getting audio position, that is 0.3 seconds in late - but is handled by the current version of Akihabara with a workaround. Luckly seems fixed for real on nightly builds of Firefox - that, sadly, suffers of other kind of issues.

For mobile users. Audio on iPhone with 3.x firmware is not working so is quite unuseful to play... well... a music game. The only Safari Mobile with (limited) audio support is in the 3.6 version of the firmware, i.e. on iPad, but performances are quite low. I suggest you to try to play Akiba Hero with disabled screen zoom, clicking this alternate link.

Obviously playing this kind of game with a keyboard could be painful, expecially if the default keys are, from the green fret to the orange fret, the A button, the B button, the C button, the Left arrow key and the Right arrow key (Up and Down for the pick). I suggest you to remap the keys here like this or to try the classic Frets On Fire setup or, better, to use your Wii's plastic guitar instead.

By the way, this is not only the place for damned demos. Is also the hell of fun. So, let's try with some experiments...

Akiba Hero plastic controller. Not bundled.

First of all, let's have a look to the final product: you (or me, in this case) playing Akiba Hero using the Nintendo Wii's Guitar controller on a Mac, saying a lot of stupid things about Guitar Hero and HTML5.

Saying the truth, you should be able to play on any platform using the right combination of software/OS but, for now, I'll explain how to make this work on your MacOsX machine.

Have fun! :)