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Since iOS4, Japstore seems no longer working. Do you have any fix? Please, mail me!


Welcome to Javascript applications store, a funny, weird way to develop free "downloadable" applications for your iPhone, without the usual way and without jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch

It uses some of the features of the on-board web browser Safari plus some ad-hoc hack mixed together to bring you most the common features of a native application like offline execution, springboard icon, locally stored data and resources data.
Although many of the features are heavily simplified, the Japstore framework is really full featured, scalable and hacker-friendly, so you can have enough fun writing useful applications with the shipped libraries or create your one with your custom widgets.

How to use?

Simply go to this url with your iPhone and iPod touch to see the list of the available applications. Tap on what you need and then add the opened page to your home screen, hitting the '+' icon on the toolbar. Some of these applications needs to be executed while connected to internet, but only for the first time.
Then you can open the application while your mobile device is disconnected from internet.


Sample Japplications spaces from the book reader to the full screen clock. There are few games like a brain trainer, a fifteen game and a sokoban. Try them!


You can download the SDK here. This includes all you need to start developing your Japplication and put a small Japstore on your site. Obviously you can send to me your Japplications: they will pop on the official Japstore!


As usual, I'm one of the many that wants a much free and open iPhone/iPod Touch development platform. It is sad that you have to pay to buy a Mac and a devkit for writing anything that runs on these cool devices.
This causes many side-effects, like paid full screen clocks or torches that are free for a limited time which really just turn the screen white. It is simply ridicolous but also obvious: developers have to cover the development payments in some way. But unaccetable from users and developers. So, this is the only way I've found to have a REALLY free torch, text scroller etc. that doesn't cost anything.
Cherry On The Cake: I'm a Linux user too, so I cannot sync my device with my main OS and this is really annoying. Please, Apple. Help!

About Hermes

Hermes is a sample offline/online messaging client which mixes the annoyances of mail and chat ;)
It was built as an advanced widgets demo but is full working. It includes a fake server script, which can be implemented in any language.
I'm writing a sample PHP server, which is in beta-testing. If you want to try it, drop two lines to the usual address. ;)

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